Set forth below are some examples of “like-kind” real estate:

Vacant land
Commercial property, including commercial rental property
Industrial property
30-year or more leasehold interest
Farm property
Residential rental property
Doctor’s own office
A tenant-in-common ownership interest in an investment property
Tenant-in-common, or “TIC,” ownership is ownership of commercial real estate that has been split into fractional shares. Each owner owns an undivided fee interest in the property equal to his proportionate share of the real estate.
A beneficial interest in a Delaware Statutory Trust, or “DST”
It is important to note that one’s primary residence, as well as vacation or second homes held primarily for personal use, will not qualify for a Section 1031 exchange. However, there are certain safe harbors for vacation and second homes to qualify as either a “relinquished property” or a “replacement property.”

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